National Theatre of Greece (Greece)
Photo: Karol Jarek

Thursday, November 28, Studio


Thursday, November 28, Studio

Greek translation by: Eleni Varopoulou
2h without intermission

Simos Kakalas, Konstantinos Moraitis, Alkistis Nikolaidi, Panos Apostolopoulos, Apostolis Kamitsakis, Felice Topi


Adapted by Eleni Varopoulou
Set and costume design : Kenny McLellan
Set designer's assistant: Martha Foka
Music: Yiannis Aggelakas
Masks: Martha Foka
Director's assistant: Dimitris Kalakidis


By the end of World War I, and during the battle of Verdun, the crew of a stray tank coalesces around the leadership of Johann Fatzer. A puzzling and intriguing persona who appears to be the right kind of man to lead the troops out of its misery and beyond the reach of death. But Fatzer does not share the same world view with his comrades and acts in a repulsive and selfish manner, which irritates the others and places the safety of the troops in jeopardy. When Fatzer locates a supply of meat, he attempts to exploit his companion’s reliance on him and things get out of hand. Not being able to contain Fatzer in any kind of rules and failing to impose discipline on him, the group decides that it would be better if Fatzer was exterminated.

“There has never before in human history been such a moment where we, as a species, can look into our brain at such depths and so far deep into the universe. A unique moment for humanity, yet, everything we have known is still there − pain, suffering, all the emotions and questions regarding society, life and living. Is the role of the theatre obsolete? Has the doer once again outmatched the thinker? Is Fatzer the essence of the modern person? There is nothing stabile in the world, just an ongoing quest for the essentials of human existence. A story that keeps on transforming through the ages.”

Simos Kakalas

Photo: Karol Jarek