Stanislavsky Electrotheatre (Russia)
Photo: Olympia Orlova

Wednesday, November 27, Studio


Wednesday, November 27, Studio

Based on I am Blood and I am a Cow by Jan Fabre
Russian translation by: Irina Leek
1h 20' without intermission 
Anton Kostochkin
Irina Savitskova


Video design: Vladislav Zinovyev
Set designer: Klim Kozinsky
Costume design: Klim Kozinsky, Anastasia Nefyodova
Production Manager: Varvara Pushkarskaya


Two monologues – one male and one female – by Belgian artist and director Jan Fabre. Fabre’s poetic texts, accompanied by his drawings, were first translated into Russian and published in the Stanislavsky Electrotheatre’s Theatre and its Diary book series in 2018. 
The first monologue, performed by Anton Kostochkin, is called I Am Blood (2001) and it describes the exaltation that the hero experiences as he turns himself inside out, depriving himself of all visible defenses. The second one, I Am a Cow (2015), is performed by actress Irina Savitskova as a hymn to carnivorousness, and to the golden calf as a source of supreme pleasure. 
Klim Kozinsky’s production reveals the ritual nature of Fabre’s texts, reflecting the facets of contemporary consciousness.

“[Jan Fabre] is a coach. He played soccer in the past, and he puts his people in very difficult situations, pulling the natural ground of existence out from under them. This is also what his theatre is. It goes without saying that they possess a type of initiative which is associated with a certain zone of ‘the imaginary’: they have their fantasies, they try to understand, and to be present. At the same time, his theatre can exist only in the mode of the wand and the artist. I do it differently, in any case I / Fabre is arranged quite differently, because what we did was to compose and create. We fantasized, we talked at length, and, as a result, some of our fantasies came together on stage.”

Klim Kozinsky 

Photo: Olympia Orlova