Sfumato Theatre Laboratory (Bulgaria)
Yordan Radichkov: CRAZY GRASS
Photo: Yana Lozeva

Monday, November 25, Studio


Monday, November 25, Studio

1h 30' without intermission
The production is part of the Noah's Ark program
Velika: Albena Georgieva
Velika: Jana Rasheva
Mladencho: Antonio Dimitrievski
Susa Tannina: Katalin Stareishinska
Brayno: Ivan Nikolov
Sofrona: Nadya Keranova
Petar: Dimitar Krumov
Lazar: Rumen Draganov
Olga: Bilyana Georgieva
Radichkov, the deaf: Galya Kostadinova
Avramko, goblin: Georgi A. Bogdanov


Set and costume design: Boris Dalchev, Mihaela Dobreva
Music: Hristo Namliev
Consultants of Noah's Ark program: prof. Tsocho Boyadjiev, prof. Georgi Kapriev


The Noah's Ark project is carried out with the financial support of the National Culture Fund's "Culture program for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018" program.


The performance depicts the last 24 hours of the life of one of the last villages full of lost ways of living, of extinct values, and of tales that soon no one will be able to tell. The life of the inhabitants is told through a dense palimpsest of different fragments of Radichkov’s texts. The belief that fuels the performance is that today − in the context of “everything has broken apart into everything” (Baudrillard), the subject of the theatre becomes the individual, not society, but the whole person with his gestures in search of meaning, with awakened memory directed toward a purpose and an anxious conscience. The stage as exteriorized memory, a here-now and there-always zone, a meeting place for those living and dead. 
Today, the only freedom we have as artists is the freedom to be responsible.
The Noah’s Ark project intends to recreate the world of Yordan Radichkov and his men, in the context of the 21st century; to create a new theatrical translation of his messages − warnings about the fate of the unique Bulgarian in his encounter with Europe and the world; to reestablish the live connection of Bulgarians with that which is natural and magical in life, and to protect these as eternal values, as a contribution to the multilingual march of a cultural Europe towards human values and the spirituality of our joint lives.

Crazy Grass is a theatrical saga for a handful of people from a village intended to become the bottom of a dam. For their final attempt to prevent civilized barbarism, to stop the destruction. It portrays their last day and night before the water comes. As they awake from their dream, as they do − for the last time – the small rituals of their everyday life; repeatedly expressing their thoughts and questions anxiously; the dead and alive gather the “crumbs of their lives” together and fill the hold of their Noah’s Ark. They are working on storing memory, fighting forgetfulness. 
In the last morning, the last Calimanians load their little relics on the homemade boat, the obituaries of their dead, and set off “on the green water, over the green memory”... where? 
“Will we enter in the human throng, or are we going to surrender?” 
No answer.

Margarita Mladenova

Photo: Yana Lozeva